Monday, February 9, 2009

Meet & Greets

It has been a long time since I've posted and so much has happened. We attended the Woodstock Meet & Greet yesterday and had such a good time. I got to meet Kate who runs Many Hounds Inn and Comet who is an absolute beautiful petite sweetheart. Comet and Jessie were doing synchronized sits. They look so much a like too. Exactly the same color but Comet appears to be at least 5-10 lbs. lighter because she's so petite. Jessie wouldn't leave Kate alone when she saw she had treats. I'm going to bring a hula hoop next time too so Jessie can show some more of her tricks.

Roz was back in her little shell yesterday but was taking treats and for a little background, she's way way shy. I have been taking her to M&G's since I've had her and she's getting better. She didn't shake the entire time this time and actually did do some tricks. When we first fostered her, she would go in our bedroom and just peek around the corner at us. Luckily my own grey, Sydney, stayed in the bedroom too but it was because she always laid in her bed. All the time. She would come out to eat and get hugs and then on back to bed. So Roz had company but she wanted to come out. Eventually she did and is getting better out of the house too.

My son didn't make the varsity football team and he's been trying so hard. He went to all the practices and helped with all the fundraisers but just didn't quite cut it. He tried out for a pitcher and should have just tried out to be a fielder. There is just too much competition at this level and he's not up to it. He was so sad and my heart just broke for him. We're hoping he goes back to football but it's a big commitment. These football coaches these days are out for blood and they expect the kids to be that way too. I prefer him hanging out with the athletes at school who are too busy working out instead of looking for trouble. I know the athletes get in trouble too but they don't have as much time and they're tired. lol

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bathroom Renovation during Christmas

What a busy time it was around here at Christmas. We always travel to my in-laws place in Florida for Christmas and we love it. It does, however, take a lot of thought AND work getting ready, traveling to and from and cleaning up when we get home. Added to the mix this year was re-doing our kid's bathroom. When I say re-doing, I mean we tore it down to the studs. It looks beautiful but we were exhausted almost every day for 1-1/2 weeks. A lot of the time was waiting for something to set or dry but most of it was hard-core work. We got the sledgehammer out and tore out the floor, shoveled it into trash bins then turned our attention to the walls. This was the easy part. Then Greg had to put new walls up and the tiling was a bear. We have done it before but we chose a difficult pattern for the wall AND I wanted to lay the tile on the bias. It turned out beautifully but the cuts were a difficult at times to get right and it would have been so much easier to just set straight. It wouldn't have looked as nice but would have taken a fraction of the time. Oh well. We saved a lot of money doing it ourselves and we got a lot of satisfaction. Next job: our master bathroom. (I'm getting tired just thinking about it.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm so excited. Christmas is almost here

These two are so much fun. They are so alike but yet so different. Jessie isn't afraid of anything and Roz is afraid of everything when she's outside of the house.

When we were trimming the tree this morning, a glass ornament fell on Jessie's bed. I was going to get it right after I finished what I was doing. I hear this crunching a looked around. Jessie was chewing it up! I grabbed what was left of it and opened her mouth to retrieve the rest. She didn't have time to swallow any but sheeesh, you have to watch everything around her.

I have meant to talk about this dremel I bought. More like, I have meant to "sing its praises". Their nails have never looked better and I don't mind using it any more than they mind me using it on them. I get them when they're laying down and they just let me dremel away. It's a mini tug-of-war at first but they give in and relax within a minute or so. You can put it on your finger and it doesn't hurt so the only chance you have of hurting them is letting it get too hot. Just keep it moving.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our buddy Dart got adopted today!

That's our buddy, Dart who got adopted today. We are going to miss him so much. He was always the life of the party and was so much fun all the time. We'll probably get more attention now but we will still miss our friend. Boohoo. We'll see you at the next Meet & Greet Dart!

Don't we sit pretty?

I looked outside and saw Jessie and Roz sitting next to each other just looking around the yard. I grabbed the camera that I keep handy and they saw me in the window. I snapped the picture as fast as I could before they got up and came running to me. Clicker training helped teach them how to do this. Aren't they beautiful?

Friday, August 29, 2008

This is the life.

Jessie has kind of taken over this house. She gets up every morning at 5:30 (I can't break her of this) and rubs along the side of our bed shaking it until I get up to let her outside. She will go lay down for a few minutes if I tell her to but she's up again in 5 minutes. I think I started this by me having to get up and use the restroom every night. I would feel badly if she had to go potty and I didn't let her out. So we get up every morning at 5:30.

Monday, August 25, 2008

We're so beautiful. My mom says so.

There is a contest at SEGA to see who gets put on their new 2009 calendars. The rules are that we have to have a hat on. I think we're going to win. Come on. Look at us. There's not way we can lose. We're gorgeous. Don't ya think?